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* Photo tours worden alleen in het engels gegeven*

Do you want to travel? But don't know where to go, how to get models and locations and organise everything? Then these photo tours are for you!

Photo tours are a perfect combination between traveling and photographing. A mini vacation where you can join me on adventures and I take care of everything! Models, locations, accommodation, food, and all what is needed, will be carefully arranged for you so that you can enjoy the trip, and do what you do best: creating! 

  • Travel and explore new sceneries 
  • Get to know the equine culture of the country 
  • Photograph a variety of horses
  • Expand your portfolio with unique photos 
  • Learn more about photography and editing 
  • Connect with other international equine photographers 

Joining a photo tour is the ultimate way to:

And overall help you take that next step in your photography journey! Ready for an adventure? Sign up for my upcoming tours! 

Upcoming tours

Nordic tales

22 - 28 august



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Coming soon

Want to join me on one of my adventures? Check out my photo tour page for upcoming tours.

I am always open for new adventures. Do you have a unique opportunity or ideas? Get in touch to collaborate!